Divine Services Corp. pledges to provide elegant and prestigious service during each interaction.  It is our commitment to professionalism that sets us apart.  With great talent, specialized services and culture, we understand what it takes to provide our customers with the best parking and driving services possible.











Culture Makes The Difference

Even the best strategy cannot succeed unless it is supported by a strong culture. That is why we, at Divine Services live and foster a Divine culture – a culture that encourages every individual in our Company to give their best in his or her position in order to help build Divine’s long-term success.

It is not just strategy that makes the difference; it is also a company’s culture, values, and what it stands for.

Divine Services is a company that is led by individuals who have a passionate interest in the company’s long-term success development. They all know that every individual makes a contribution every day to the Company’s enduring success. We are following this conviction and want to foster a Divine culture company-wide that incorporates every member of our Divine family. We believe the following principles are especially important here.

Leaders ensure our success:

Our managers serve as role models for the Company’s strategic direction and ensure the sustainable and efficient use of available resources – thus inspiring and empowering their teams to give their best for the Company.

Our behaviors bring the Divine culture to life:

Entrepreneurial behavior should be the standard and foundation for how we act at Divine Services. This applies to each individual in the Company – since only then, behaviors will be able to constantly evolve and improve.

Managers care for each individual:

We strive for a people-oriented approach that values and clearly fosters diversity of experience and expertise. If this is reflected in all that we do, we will improve the performance of our Company.

Divine culture is based on our Company values:

If everyone in the Company acts responsibly, achieves excellent results, and possesses innovation, they will personally contribute to the sustainable success of Divine Services. Responsible, excellent, innovative – these values are the foundation of our Divine culture.

Managers identify themselves fully with Divine Services:

We strongly believe that when managers act responsibly and are oriented to the achievement of our long-term goals, they are directly participating in the Company’s success. Equity is instilled for the exact purpose to integrate ownership into part of our Divine culture.

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